Dawn Pierce

Associate Professor, Music Performance
School: School of Music


Aidan Boardman graduated Ithaca College with a B.M. in Music Education, where he studied voice with Professor Dawn Pierce. Originally from Auburn, Maine, Aidan has been playing music for most of his life with family and friends, and on a variety of instruments. Apart from singing, Aidan also plays guitar, electric bass, piano, and the banjo. He has played in bands since middle school, most recently in Breakfast of Champions, and continues to write songs in his current project, Dreamt (see below). As an Ithaca College graduate, Aidan is living his dream, teaching music in Brooklyn to under resourced schools as a means to link music education to issues of social injustice and inequality.

Dreamt: www.dreamt.bandcamp.com

Breakfast of Champions: www.breakfastofchampions.bandcamp.com