Deborah Martin

Professor, Music Performance
School: School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Teaching Intern Program


Deborah Martin, director
(607) 274-1562

Thank you for your interest in the Ithaca College Piano Teaching Intern Program (Piano TIPS). TIPS is a program designed to give Ithaca College piano majors the opportunity to experience a teaching internship. Teaching takes place in a carefully supervised environment and offers Ithaca College students immediate feedback on each lesson they teach. We seek a professional-level program with quality teaching and high learning expectations. Students should be at least 6 years old and be able to read fluently.

Program Policies

1. Students receive a 30-minute private lesson or a 50-minute group and private lesson combination one time per week.

2. Tuition is collected for each semester block of study. Payment may be made in full for the entire semester or in two equal installments. Parents are asked to make checks payable to Ithaca College. Tuition covers books and materials.

3. Fall term begins in September and ends in mid-December. Spring term begins in late January and ends in early May. Students are expected to enroll for an entire block. There will be two breaks in the regular weekly schedule: in November coinciding with the Ithaca College Thanksgiving break and in March coinciding with the Ithaca College spring break.

4. There will be no refunds for missed lessons. If the student must miss a lesson and I am notified in advance, I will try to reschedule the lesson that week. If we are unable to reschedule the lesson, the lesson will not be made up. Missed lessons will not be rescheduled at the end of the instruction blocks or during vacations. Ithaca College interns are not allowed to reschedule lessons. All inquiries about rescheduling should be directed to me.

5. Parents are welcome to observe lessons at any time. Parents are reminded that accompanying siblings should not be a distraction to the lesson or to the educational environment at the College.

6. Parents are encouraged to be prompt in both pick-up and delivery of their child to the lesson. Ithaca College students will be responsible for seeing that each child is safely picked up.

7. A regular practice schedule is vitally important to the success of each student. Please be sure:
- student has daily access to a well-tuned piano in good working condition
- student maintains the daily (6-7 days per week) minimum practice
- a regular practice routine is established and maintained, i.e., the same time each day, free from interference (phone, TV, siblings, etc.)
- student follows the assignment carefully
- all books and materials are brought to lessons
- parents listen supportively and unobtrusively to the practice time periodically

8. Students are expected to participate in semi-formal recitals coinciding with the end of each semester in early December and May. Recitals will take place in one of Ithaca College ’performance halls. Other opportunities to perform are available and may be suggested for individual students.

9. Should you have questions, concerns, or constructive criticism for the intern teachers, I ask that you kindly direct those words to me. I will relay your thoughts to the intern promptly and we will seek positive responses. Of course, the interns will gladly accept words of encouragement and praise directly.

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