Zillah Eisenstein

Professor Emerita, Politics
Specialty: politics of class, sex, and race; political theory; feminist theories; gender construction

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I return this fall to Ithaca College after interesting work in Adelaide, Australia on indigenous feminist communities as well as the new female prime minister, Julia Guillard.  I hope to share this new work with my students as well as continue exploring and writing on my newest project, "Urgent Articulations: Bodeis, Food, Death and War". 

Fall, 2009-10 I returned from a sabbatical year of travel and writing and was excited to share my new thinking with my students and colleagues. I spent time in Capetown, South Africa and lectured on issues of race and gender in the global economy and Obama's campaign. I also worked with women from across the globe on evaluating the role of women in the new militarism of the globe.  I  shared my newest thinking that I term the "newest new" in my most recently published book, fall 2009: "The Audacity of Races and Genders, A Personal and Global Story of the Obama Campaign". 

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and for the Persian versions see: http://www.feministschool.com/spip.php?article3051

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