Emilie Wiesner

Professor, Mathematics
School: School of Humanities and Sciences
Phone: 607-274-1220
Office: Williams Hall 402C
Specialty: Representation Theory (Algebra), Mathematics Education

I have been a professor at Ithaca College since 2007. I regularly teach courses across the mathematics curriculum, including statistics, calculus, abstract algebra, a variety of research courses, and ICC courses about the intersection of mathematics with other academic fields. I do research in pure mathematics (in a branch of algebra called representation theory) and in mathematics education (focused on how students learn from didactical texts).   I've also worked with students on independent projects on a wide variety of topics, including a mathematical analysis of the children's game "Chutes and Ladders," group theory of the Rubik's cube, a comparison of models for the Lac operon, and mathematical tools for studying gerrymandering.

Outside of work, I like to spend time with my family (crafting, playing games, reading) and be outside as much as possible (hiking, camping, gardening, biking.)

file-outline Curriculum Vitae - wiesnercv.pdf (144.42 KB)