Hormoz Movassaghi

Professor and Chair, Finance and International Business
School: School of Business

Recent Presentations

Hormoz Movassaghi. 2023Supply Chain, Environmental Sustainability, and Financial Performance: A Case Study of Globally Ranked Firms”. The International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines, Orlando, FL, (January 3).

Hormoz Movassaghi. 2022.“China's Global Integration: is "Slowbalization" Setting in?” International Management Development Association (IMDA) - 29th Annual World Business Congress, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyvaskyla, Finland. (June 12-16, 2022).

Alka Bramhandkar, Hormoz Movassaghi and Jason Muenzen, 2019. "Financing Sustainability: Innovations, Impact & Prospects," St. John Fisher College, Rochester, United States. (September 28).

Hormoz Movassaghi and Fahri Unsal. 2019. "Global Integration of China and India: A Historical Analysis," International Management Development Association (IMDA) - 28th World Business Congress, Cyprus Social Sciences University - IMDA, Nicosia, Cyprus. (June 14).

Hormoz Movassaghi, Narges Kasiri and John Vongas. 2019. "Impact of Government Incentives and Environmental Regulations on Firms' Sustainability Practices: Evidence from US Small and Medium Size Companies". International Management Development Association (IMDA) - 28th World Business Congress, Cyprus Social Sciences University - IMDA, Nicosia, Cyprus. (June 14).

Narges Kasiri and Hormoz Movassaghi. 2019. "Integrating Sustainability into Small/Medium-sized Businesses in NYS," Wells College. (March 27, 2019).

Judy Qiu, Hormoz Movassaghi and Alka Bramhandkar. 2017. "Socially Conscious Investing in Good Times and Bad: Do Good Deeds Get Punished?", World Finance and Banking Symposium, December 14-15, Bangkok, Thailand.

Meghan Hellwitz, Allison Vizgaitis, Narges Kasiri, Hormoz Movassaghi. 2016. “Motivating Factors and Impediments to Sustainability: Case Studies of Small- and Medium-Size Businesses in Upstate New York”, 19th Annual James J. Whalen Academic Symposium, Ithaca College, April 14.

Erdogan Gunes and Hormoz Movassaghi. 2016. “Agricultural Credit System in USA and Suggestions for Turkish Agricultural Sector”, Agricultural Economics Congress - Suleyman Demirel University, May 25, Isparta, Turkey.

Meghan Hellwitz, Allison Vizgaitis Narges Kasiri, Hormoz Movassaghi. 2016. “Why Do Small Businesses Implement Sustainable Solutions?” Effective Decision Making in Uncertain Business Environments: Strategies, Practices, and Techniques. The Decision Sciences Institute - Annual Meeting, November 19-22, Austin, TX.

Hormoz Movassaghi and Narges Kasiri. 2016."Greening" of the Supply Chain: Case Studies of the Leading Global Corporations, Decision Sciences in the 21st Century: Theoretical Impact and Practical Relevance, The Decision Sciences Institute - Annual Meeting, Nov. 21-23, Seattle, WA.

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Hormoz Movassaghi, Fahri Unsal, and Kenan Göçer. 2013. “Study Abroad Decisions: Determinants & Perceived Consequences”. National Business & Economics Society. San Juan, Costa Rica, March 7-9.

Raquib Zaman and Hormoz Movassaghi. 2013. “Bonuses and Earnings of Executives of Financial Markets as Against Losses to Investors At a Time of Collapse of Financial Markets:  An Analysis of Financial Markets Meltdowns Since the 1990s”. International Trade and Finance Association. Montreal, Canada, May 29-June 1.