Head shot of Jake Brenner

Jake Brenner

Associate Professor, Environmental Studies and Science
Office: Center for Natural Sciences 258, Ithaca, NY 14850
Speciality: Geography, Land Use, Forestry, Invasive Species

Geography of Human-Environment Interactions

I teach geography to prepare students for professional life in an increasingly interconnected and rapidly changing world. All my courses deal with themes of globalization, space, place, and scale. My teaching is rooted in the critical thinking of the liberal arts tradition, but it also focuses on practical career-building skills in environmental management. These skills include forestry, mapping, risk assessment, quantitative data analysis, and qualitative inquiry, among others. 

I collaborate with students on research, which currently focuses on forest carbon dynamics and cultural ecosystem services on Ithaca College Natural Lands, a 500-acre forest conservation reserve system, where I currently serve as Faculty Manager.  Other recent projects include voluntary conservation by private landowners, environmental hazards of invasive species, and environmental impacts of cannabis agriculture

I stay connected with students after graduation, and I welcome inquiries from prospective students and their families about both of our degree programs (Environmental Studies BA & Environmental Science BS). 

From 2021 through 2024 I will serve as ENVS Department Chair.


Regular Course Offerings:

ENVS 120: Environmental Sentinels (field course in wilderness skills)

ENVS 201 / 301 / 402: ICNL Student Land Stewardship Program (hands-on apprenticeship)

ENVS 220: Human-Environment Geography (theory and case studies)

ENVS 331: Land Resources (field course in forestry and land management)

ENVS 331: Water Resources

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