Jerome Fung

Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy


* denotes undergraduate co-author

*W. Vigilante, *O. Lopez, & J. Fung, "Brownian dynamics simulations of sphere clusters in optical tweezers." (submitted).


S. Barkley, T. G. Dimiduk, J. Fung, D. M. Kaz, V. N. Manoharan, R. McGorty, R. W. Perry, & A. Wang, "Holographic microscopy with Python and HoloPy," Computing in Science & Engineering 22, 72 - 82 (2020).

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J. Fung & *S. Hoang, "Computational assessment of an effective-sphere model for characterizing colloidal fractal aggregates with holographic microscopy," Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer 236, 106591 (2019).

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M. Siavashpouri, P. Sharma, J. Fung, M. F. Hagan, & Z. Dogic, "Structure, dynamics and phase behavior of short rod inclusions dissolved in a colloidal membrane," Soft Matter 15 7033 - 7042 (2019).

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J. Fung & V. N. Manoharan, "Holographic measurements of anisotropic three-dimensional diffusion of colloidal clusters," Physical Review E 88, 020302(R) (2013).

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J. Fung, R. W. Perry, T. G. Dimiduk, & V. N. Manoharan, "Imaging multiple colloidal particles by fitting electromagnetic scattering solutions to digital holograms," Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer 18, 2482 - 2489 (2012).

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J. Fung, *K. E. Martin, R. W. Perry, D. M. Kaz, R. McGorty, & V. N. Manoharan, "Measuring translational, rotational, and vibrational dynamics in colloids with digital holographic microscopy," Optics Express 19, 8051 - 8065 (2011).

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