Janet Hunting

Associate Professor, Chemistry


Selected Student Presentations

Bunch, Brittany L.; Hunting, Janet L. “Transition metal doped tin dioxide as alternative cathode support in proton exchange membrane fuel cells” Abstracts of Papers, 243rd ACS National Meeting, San Diego, CA (2012), CHED-776. faculty.ithaca.edu/jhunting/docs/bbunchACS2012/

Doll, Courtney E. “Playing with color: the optical tuning of luminescent materials” Honors Thesis presentation, Whalen Symposium, Ithaca, NY (April 2012)

Belenchia, Sarah A.; Ferrari, Anthony P.; Chan, Y.; Kromer, Brittney E.; Hunting, Janet L.“Synthesis and characterization of new doubly-substituted titanium dioxide (rutile) compounds using chemical vapor transport” Abstracts of Papers, 241st ACS National Meeting, Anaheim, CA (2011), CHED-586. faculty.ithaca.edu/jhunting/docs/sbelenchiaACS2011/

Doll, Courtney E.; Hunting, Janet L. “Synthesis of substituted SnO2 materials, Sn1-xMxO2where M = Mo, Ta, Nb, W and other transition metals” Abstracts of Papers, 241st ACS National Meeting, Anaheim, CA (2011), CHED-590.faculty.ithaca.edu/jhunting/docs/cdollACS2011/

Munie, Sara T.; Hunting, Janet L. “Synthesis and characterization of transition-metal substituted manganese dioxide (Mn1-xMxO2) and manganese (III) oxide (Mn2-xMxO3) materials” Abstracts of Papers, 241st ACS National Meeting, Anaheim, CA (2011), CHED-588.

Linderman, Crysania M.; Hunting, Janet L. “Synthesis of chromium-doped Sn1-xMxO2compounds for use as catalyst supports in fuel cells” 2011 NCUR national meeting, March 31, 2011.

Ferrari, Anthony P.; Hunting, Janet L. "Synthesis and characterization of conducting oxide materials: multiply-substituted titanium niobium dioxide" Abstracts of Papers, 239th ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA (2010), CHED-818.faculty.ithaca.edu/jhunting/docs/aferrariACS2010/

Belenchia, Sarah A.; Kromer, Brittney E.; Hunting, Janet L. “Synthesis and Characterization of Doubly-substituted Titanium Dioxide Materials Using Chemical Vapor Transport” Abstracts,37th Northeast Regional ACS Meeting, Potsdam, NY (2010), NERM-114.

Perodeau, Jacqueline R.; Munie, Semeret T.; Hunting, Janet L. “Using Chemical Vapor Transport in the Synthesis of Doped Titanium Dioxide Materials” Abstracts of Paper, 237th ACS National Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT (2009), INOR-153.

Boldface indicates Ithaca College undergraduate researchers