Jennifer McKeon

Associate Professor and Athletic Training Program Director, Exercise Science and Athletic Training
School: School of Health Sciences and Human Performance

Recent Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications - (selected from 45)

  1.  Medina McKeon JM*, McKeon PO, Nedimyer AK. Athletic Training Epidemiology: Foundation of Evidence of, by, and for Athletic Trainers. J Athl Train 2021;56(7):606–615.

  2. Yeargin S, Lopez RM, Snyder Valier AR, DiStefano LJ, McKeon PO, Medina McKeon JM*. Navigating Athletic Training Position Statements: The Strength of Recommendation Taxonomy System. J Athl Train. 2020 Aug 1;55(8):863-868.

  3. Stedge H‡, Medina McKeon JM*. A Supervised Pelvic Floor Training Program Has Minimal Effect on the Prevalence of Postpartum Diastasis Recti Abdominis: A Critically Appraised Paper. Int J Athl Ther Train 2020;25(6):299-302.

  4. Oakes N†, Medina McKeon JM*. Nonsurgical management of UCL injuries is tentatively successful in athletes: a critical appraisal of case series. Int J Athl Ther Train 2020;25(5):213-220.

  5. Medina McKeon JM*, Hoch MC. The ankle joint complex: a kinesiological approach to lateral ankle sprains. J Athl Train.2019;54(6):589-602.

  6. Calo MM, Anania T, Bello JD, Cohen VA, Stack SC, Wells MD, Belyea BC, King DL, Medina McKeon JM*. Reliability of using an iPad to analyze lower extremity landing mechanics during drop vertical jumps. Int J Athl Ther Train 2019;24(2):70-7.

  7. Booth M, Powell J, McKeon PO, Medina McKeon JM. Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy for Management of Concussion: A Critically Appraised Topic. Int J Athl Ther Train 2019;24(3):100-8. 

Recent Textbook Chapters (selected from 5)

  1. Medina McKeon JM. “Knee Conditions” (Chapter 19) within Foundations of Athletic Training, 7th edition by Marcia K Anderson & Mary Barnum. 2021 Wolters Kluwer Health; ­­­­­Philadelphia, PA
  2. Medina McKeon JM. “Presenting Work via PowerPoint” (Chapter 13) within Professional Writing in Kinesiology & Sports Medicine by Knoblauch M. 2019 SLACK Inc., Thorofare, NJ.