John Rosenbaum

Retired Associate Professor, Television and Radio
Specialty: International Communication

John R. Rosenbaum was employed by Ithaca College from August 15, 1987 to May 31, 2004.

John R. Rosenbaum began his career in media and education as an award-winning radio and television writer, producer, and director then served for many years on the communication faculties and administrations of Bucks College and Ithaca College, where he taught courses in media writing and production, research methodologies, and international communication. During that time Prof. Rosenbaum was selected as a Regional Visiting Scholar by Cornell University's Institute for European Studies and was awarded Fulbright grants to teach and conduct research in Germany and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Prof. Rosenbaum is an internationally published media scholar. He has co-edited the anthology Shaping the Future of Communication Research in Europe and co-authored the fourth edition of the McGraw-Hill textbook Television Production. His numerous articles have appeared in international books and journals, and his research papers have received prestigious awards from the Broadcast Education Association and the International Communication Association. Prof. Rosenbaum served as an executive board member of the European Communication Association and was a founding member of the European Communication and Research Education Association, also serving on its first executive board. Prof. Rosenbaum received the doctoral degree from Columbia University, master's degrees from Columbia University and Temple University, and the bachelor's degree from the Pennsylvania State University. In 2004 Prof. Rosenbaum retired from Ithaca College. In 2005 he authored and directed a grant that brought Fulbright Visiting Specialist Prof. Dr. Mohammed Zin Nordin from Malaysia to Ithaca College, where they co-taught the course "Media in Malaysia." In 2009 Prof. Rosenbaum was invited back to Bosnia-Herzegovina to teach at the Tuzla Summer Institute held at Behram-begova Medresa. During retirement Prof. Rosenbaum also has conducted research studies and published articles about family history and using DNA analysis in genealogy. Currently he lives in Naples, Florida, with his wife, Antonia M. Rosenbaum.