John White

Associate Professor, Music Theory, History Composition


Lead sheets (songs), Prepared Excerpt(s), and Data Sheet

Below find three suggestions for solo audition tunes (lead sheet format), the Audition Data Sheet (please complete prior to the audition), and the prepared excerpt for 2021, "New Day." For the "New Day" example, I will play piano while you sing your part (choose the voice part for which you're auditioning--e.g., Tenor). The ideal beat tempo is 96 BPM, but it's okay if you wish to take a slower tempo at audition time.
file-outline Almost Like Being in Love - almost-like-being-in-love-lead-sheet.pdf (422.02 KB)

lead sheet

file-outline Blue Skies - blue-skies-lead-sheet-in-d.pdf (48.62 KB)

lead sheet

file-outline Time After Time - time-after-time-lead-sheet-in-ab.pdf (2.57 MB)

lead sheet

file-outline Prepared excerpt: "New Day" - jve-new-day-excerpt.pdf (7.72 MB)

Prepared excerpt for 2021; begin at letter L

file-outline JV(R)E Audition Data Sheet (pdf) - jve-audition-data-sheet-2021_0.pdf (83.55 KB)

pdf version

file-outline JV(R)E Audition Data Sheet (WORD format) - jve-audition-data-sheet-2021.docx (20.31 KB)

WORD.docx version