Mara Alper

Professor Emerita, Media Arts, Sciences & Studies
Specialty: Media Arts: Video Production, Post-Production, Motion Graphics


Glad to meet you here in cyperspace -- hope we meet in person soon.

For more information about me and the work I do, please visit my web site at that is linked to this site.

I've been teaching in the Television-Radio Department at Ithaca College for eleven years. My specialties are motion graphics/animation and video field production, where we shoot on location making documentaries, dramas, comedies and experimental approaches to media.

My own work takes the form of documentaries, video art and gallery installations. When you visit my web site, you can find out more. I'm currently working in a doucmentary about the Huichol (WE-chol) tribe in Mexico and their inspiring art and culture. My latest documentary "Forgiveness" is a 28 min. program that explores this choice from a psychological and philosophical perspective. Visit to learn more about it.

You can check out the syllabi for the courses I teach in our department web site at

B.A.  Harpur College, SUNY Binghamton     Theater/English Major     Magna Cum Laude  

M.A.  New York University    Educational Theater Major    Summa Cum Laude