Marlena Grzaslewicz

Retired Assistant Professor, Media Arts, Sciences and Studies

Marlena Grzaslewicz is an Emmy-winning (Outstanding Sound Editing for Nonfiction Programming for: The War, 2007) sound editor and graduate of the Lodz Film School of Poland. Her editing credits include: Baseball, dir. Ken Burns; Jefferson, dir. Ken Burns; Lewis and Clark, dir. Ken Burns; Jazz, dir. Ken Burns; New York, dir. Ric Burns; The Donner Party, dir. Ric Burns; The Way West, dir. Ric Burns; Warhol, dir. Ric Burns; Celebrity, Woody Allen; The People vs. Larry Flynt, dir. Milos Forman; The Smartest Guys in the Room, dir. Alex Gibney and others. To see her complete list of credits, visit

Together with award-winning sound editor Ira Spiegel, she owns and operates 701 Sound, an editing company located in New York City. 

For Marlena, filmmaking is a fascinating profession. She has been happy to have been a part of the industry for the past thirty years. Having fulfilled her dreams as a successful editor, she is ready to share her professional experiences with younger generations, while shifting to a less hectic work environment.