Matt Holtmeier

Lecturer, Media Arts, Sciences and Studies
Phone: 607-274-5804
Office: Roy H Park School of Communications, Ithaca, NY 14850
Speciality: Screen Studies

Dr. Matthew Holtmeier is an Assistant Professor in Screen Studies in the Roy H. Park School of Communications. His research interests span the regional, national and transnational with a particular focus on Global Film, Political Cinemas, Industry Studies, Film-Philosophy, Bioregional Media Studies, and Independent Film. He also has an interest in theories and practices of screen studies pedagogy. At Ithaca College, Holtmeier teaches on Introduction to Film Analysis and Aesthetics, Hollywood and American Film, Fiction Film Theory, and he advises the Screen Studies tutor team.

Dr. Holtmeier received his PhD in Film Studies from the University of St Andrews in Scotland.  His dissertation was entitled “The Modern Political Cinema: Biopolitical Production and Cinematic Subjectivity,” a study of conjunctures between textualities, cinema industries, and national/transnational politics in films from Iran, China, Algeria, and the United States. In 2013-2014, he was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Film Studies at Western Washington University, where he taught Introduction to Film Studies, Film and TV in the Pacific Northwest, Postwar Global Film, Cybernetic Fiction, and Film and Contemporary Political Movements.

His recent publications include: "Communicating Cascadia: Reichardt's three ecologies as bioregional medium" in Screen, "The Modern Political Cinema: From Third Cinema to Contemporary Networked Biopolitics" in Film-Philosophy, “The Wanderings of Jia Zhangke: Pre-Hodological Space and Aimless Youths in Xiao Wu and Unknown Pleasures” in the Journal of Chinese Cinemas, “Burning Straw Men: The 1979 Revolution and Bahman Farmanara’s Stubborn Cosmopolitanism” in Cinematic Homecomings: Exile and Return in Transnational Cinema, and “Making Transnational Connections: Current Events and Other Contexts” in the Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier titled New Approaches to Teaching World Cinema. He is currently working on a manuscript titled Contemporary Political Cinema, contracted with Edinburgh University Press. For information on further publications, including abstracts and access information, see:

He has presented peer reviewed conference papers on his research at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Film-Philosophy, European Network for Cinema and Media Studies, in the Netherlands, Scotland, Czech Republic, Portugal, England and the United States.

He is on the editorial board of Film-Philosophy (, and also served as founding coeditor and web developer of the online screen studies journal Frames Cinema Journal ( and the innovative web resource and networking site

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