Susanne Morgan

Professor Emerita, Sociology


Professional Services and Scholarship

As a faculty development professional, I continue to support faculty excellence in multiple ways.

As an independent professional I provide:

  • Coaching for faculty on academic writing and careers, as an Associate Coach with  Academic Ladder,
  • Consulting on a particular class, involving focus groups with students.
  • Advising on the tenure process for individuals or departments.
  • Consulting to academic departments on process or policies.

As a scholar I am involved in:

  • Institutional history of Ithaca College analyzed in the context of comprehensive colleges during the important years of 1975-2008.
  • Research on experiences and resources related to chronic illness and the faculty career.
  • Exploration and analysis of the concept of social capital as it relates to faculty development work in higher education. I designed an article, co-authored with colleagues from three other institutions, that appeared in To Improve the Academy 29 (2011.)
  • Examining the value for new faculty members of programs that involve groups, such as Faculty Learning Communities and Communities of Practice. I have a chapter in a book edited by Milton D. Cox, forthcoming in 2011: Faculty and Professional Learning Communities: Effectively Involving Communities of Practice in Higher Education.

Detail on these activities is available by email.

Contact me!

Susanne Morgan; 607.227.9063
P.O. Box 635; Ithaca NY 14851