Mary Lourdes Silva

Associate Professor and Writing First Year Composition Director, Writing
School: School of Humanities and Sciences

Publications in Composition Studies and Rhetoric

2021 (accepted) Silva, M.L. I Am Not Okay, Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics.

2021 (accepted) Silva, M.L. My Shame Story: The Gendered Racial Inequities of Student Evaluation of Teaching, In L.L. Gaillet and J. McCrary (Eds.), Interminable Rhetorics: Women and Gendered Labor in a Post-2020 Economy.

2021 Silva, M.L. Day 1: My Tango Life Canceled. In R. Mehta, S. Thakur and D. Chakraborty (Eds.), Pandemic of Perspectives: Creative Re-imaginings. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group. 

2020 (accepted) Silva, M.L. Teaching to Fail: Three Women’s Experiences with Student Evaluations of  Teaching. In ​​S. Corbett (Ed.), If at First You Don’t Succeed? Writing, Rhetoric, and the Question of Failure

2020 Silva, M.L. What It Means to Teach Empathy. In E. Lynn (Ed.), SCWriP Writes Presents: Time Capsule of the 2019- 2020. University of California, Santa Barbara. 

2020 Silva, M. L. Anchoring the First-Year Research Paper: a pilot study of FYW student citation practices. Signum: Estudos da Linguagem, 24(1), 43-61.

2020 Silva, M.L. Dancing with my Fears: A Writing Professor’s Tango. In M. Nicolas and A. Sicari (Eds.), Our Body of Work. University Press of Colorado & Utah State University Press.

2018 Silva, M.L. Review of the book Expanding Literate Landscapes: Persons, Practices, and Sociohistoric Perspectives of Disciplinary Development by Kevin Roozen and Joe Erickson. Writing & Pedagogy with guest editor Dr. Charles Bazerman.

2016 Silva, M.L. Commenting with Camtasia: A Descriptive Study of the Affordances and Constraints of Peer-to-Peer Screencast Feedback. In S. Plane, C. Bazerman, P. Carlino, F. Rondelli, C. Boré, C. Donahue, M. Larruy, P. Rogers, & D. Russell (Eds.), Writing Research Across Borders Conference Volume III

2015 Silva, M.L., Delaney, S.A., Cochran, J., Jackson, R., & Olivares, C. Institutional Assessment and the Integrative Core Curriculum: Involving Students in the Development of an ePortfolio System. International Journal of ePortfolio.

2013 Silva, M.L. Can I Google That? A Case Study of the Online Navigational Literacy and Information Literacy Strategies of Undergraduate Students in a Research Writing Course.  In R. McClure & J. Purdy (Eds.), The New Digital Scholar: Exploring and Enriching the Research and Writing Practices of NextGen Students. New Jersey: Information Today, Inc.

2012 Getto, G., & Silva, M.L. Doing Multimodal Research the Easy Way: A Workflow for Making Sense of Technologically Complex Communication Situations. Paper presented at the SIGDOC’12 Proceedings of the 30th ACM international Conference on Design of Communication, Seattle, Washington, USA, 3-5 October (pp. 89-94). New York, New York: ACM. Available at:

2012 Silva, M.L. Camtasia in the Classroom: Student Responses to Teacher Feedback Videos, Computers and Composition, 29, 1-22.

2008 Lunsford, K.J., et al. The Library and the CMS:  Establishing Library Presence in Sakai Writing Course Sites [electronic version], Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. Available at:…