Mary Lourdes Silva

Associate Professor, Writing
School: School of Humanities and Sciences


Publications in Composition Studies and Rhetoric


Silva, M.L., Delaney, S.A., Cochran, J., Jackson, R., & Olivares, C. Institutional Assessment and the Integrative Core Curriculum: Involving Students in the Development of an ePortfolio System. International Journal of ePortfolio.


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Silva, M.L. Can I Change My Topic (Again)?: The Complex Interplay Between Students’ Online Search Activities and Rhetorical Knowledge. In T. Serviss & S. Jamieson (Eds.), Researching Research: Expanding the Citation Project’s Methods and Insight. Utah State University Press.


Silva, M.L. Can I Google That? A Case Study of the Online Navigational Literacy and Information Literacy Strategies of Undergraduate Students in a Research Writing Course.  In R. McClure & J. Purdy (Eds.), The New Digital Scholar: Exploring and Enriching the Research and Writing Practices of NextGen Students. New Jersey: Information Today, Inc.


Getto, G., & Silva, M.L. Doing Multimodal Research the Easy Way: A Workflow for Making Sense of Technologically Complex Communication Situations. Paper presented at the SIGDOC’12 Proceedings of the 30th ACM international Conference on Design of Communication, Seattle, Washington, USA, 3-5 October (pp. 89-94). New York, New York: ACM. Available at:


Silva, M.L. Camtasia in the Classroom: Student Responses to Teacher Feedback Videos, Computers and Composition, 29, 1-22.


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