María Mejía Yepes

Associate Professor, Media Arts, Sciences and Studies
School: Roy H. Park School of Communications
Phone: 607-274-5101
Office: Roy H Park School of Communications 234, Ithaca, NY 14850
Specialty: Audio Production

(B.A Universidad El Bosque 2009 and M.F.A, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2014) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies at Ithaca College. She instructs audio production for media courses.  Originally from Bogota, Colombia she began her career as a musician with a B.A degree from Universidad El Bosque focusing on modern music, jazz vocals, and music production. She taught vocal techniques and music production courses at an intermediate 2 yr.-College degree at a program designed to reduce violence in youth and give opportunities to talented students from underprivileged communities to pursue Music and develop a Music career. Paralleling to her career as an educator, she had the opportunity to contribute her music skills as the lead vocalist of the melodic death metal band "Inheritor" among others. 

She moved to the United States to pursue her MFA in film production with a concentration in sound design while working as a vocal and audio production instructor at the Rochester Contemporary School of Music and continued to work on inspiring projects while meeting many influential and creative individuals along the way. 

For more information about Professor Mejía Yepes work as a sound artist, please review her website: