Portrait of Dani Novak

Dani Novak

Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
School: School of Humanities and Sciences
Specialty: Breathing

This is my Old Story....

My Current Story is that I am learning to Breathe.  Since about age 14 until recently I suffered from frozen fears that manifested as states of sever depression. When I was about 49 years old, I was transported (in my mind) from a deep state of deep depression to my mother's womb.  The depression disappeared and I felt cozy and warm.  Then I saw a cave and in that cave I saw the scariest and ugliest monster.  The instant I saw the monster I was transported to heaven.  I sang songs of gratitude to God  (Hallelujahs) for 15 minutes.  The meaning of this experience clarified gradually.  My mother to whom I was connected with the umbilical cord, was in a state of frozen fear and depression and did not respond to my calls for love (as an embryo).  Lately I discovered the Presence Process (by Michael Brown) and it is helping me immensely.  This is my current story.