Portrait of Dani Novak

Dani Novak

Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
School: School of Humanities and Sciences
Specialty: Breathing

Link to Presentation 2/20/2024

Brief List of activities/accomplishments:

I taught Mathematics at Ithaca College for about 33 years.  These are some of the highlights of my work:

  • I co-designed a computer language that I used in a college course I designed. The name of the course was "Mathematical Art with Computers"
  • I conducted  many summer math camps for elementary school children
  • I designed and taught a course for students who are afraid of Math.  The name of the course was "Math Fun with Computers"
  • I volunteered for many years in nursing home and still do.  Designing and directing various programs for the elders including Sunday services
  • I mastered a way to show students how to learn Math in a creative way that brings out their creative innate mathematical latent talent that we all have.

Currently I volunteer in a local Nursing Home as a spiritual consultant  and became a friend of many of the residents.  I also published my mother's book and also a book of poems based on her life story in the Holocaust. 

Link to my mother's book

Link to the poems

This is my Old Story that include personal, biographical and professional information....