Pearl Ponce

Professor and Chair, History


HIST 111:  Founding a Nation:  United States History to 1877

HIST 240:  Reimagining America: Politics, Religion, and Reform in the Antebellum U.S., 1815-1860

HIST 245:  The American Civil War

HIST 246:  After the American Civil War:  Race, Reconstruction, and Reconciliation

HIST 290:  United States Foreign Relations

HIST 300:  History Lab

HIST 306:  The House Divided:  The United States in the Long 19th c., 1800-1914

HIST 365:  Race, Politics, and Ideology and the Coming of the American Civil War, 1820-1861 

HIST 370:  Slavery and the Old South

HIST 375:  America through Traveler's Eyes, 1800-1860

HIST 483:  Research Seminar in US History (Topics vary)

HIST 493:  Tutorial in US History (Topics vary)

HIST 583:  Graduate History Seminar (United States)

ICSM:  First-year Seminar:  Adventures in History

American History through Literature