Pearl Ponce

Professor and Chair, History


Recent Presentations

“Territorial Disorder in the 1850s and the Radical Undermining of American Democracy,” Nineteenth Century Studies Association Annual Meeting, Rochester, New York, March 2020.  Canceled due to the COVID-19 crisis.  

“Terror and the Territories of the 1850s” for Vigilantism, War, and Terror:  Violence in the Antebellum American West panel, 59th Annual Western Historical Association Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 15-19, 2019.

“Territorial Terrorism and American Governance in the 1850s” for (In)divisible Empire:  The American State Beyond Borders panel, Queen Mary University London Biennial Symposium in American History, London, United Kingdom, June 21, 2019.

“The Fraying of Democracy in Utah, Washington, and Kansas Territories,” for Ordering the Land and Disorganizing Democracy in the Civil War Era panel, British American Nineteenth Century Historians Annual Meeting, Cambridge University, Cambridge, United Kingdom, October 2018.

“Treason and the Territories:  A Comparative Study of Utah and Kansas Territories in the 1850s,” for The Political Impact of Judicial Decisions panel, Lebanon Valley College Center for Political History Second Annual Conference on American Political History, Annville, Pennsylvania, June 2018.

 “Attempting Disunion:  Mutable Borders and the Mormon Experience with the United States, 1846-1858,” for U.S.A. Strand:  the U.S. View panel, Plymouth University’s Nineteenth-Century Studies Consortium’s “Union and Disunion in the Nineteenth Century International Conference,” Plymouth University, Plymouth, United Kingdom, June 23, 2017.