Steven A. Seidman

Steven Seidman

Professor Emeritus, Strategic Communication
Specialty: Visual Political Communication

Ph.D., Indiana University, instructional systems technology. Specializes in political communication, campaigns, media design and production, visual literacy, and research and evaluation. Past president of the Media Design and Production Division of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. Also was vice president of the International Visual Literacy Association, and Associate Editor of its annual conference's Selected Readings. Has been on the editorial boards of the Journal of Visual Literacy, The Poster (now the Journal of Visual Political Communication), TechTrends, and the International Journal of Instructional Media. Has published numerous articles and book chapters on political communication, visual design, posters, portraits, sex-role stereotyping, burnout in the workplace, media utilization, music soundtracks, and instructional development, as well as the book, Posters, Propaganda, and Persuasion in Election Campaigns Around the World and Through History, which won the Park Faculty Writing Award in 2010. Dr. Seidman also was honored in 2010 by the International Visual Literacy Association, which gave him its Research Award.

Has also been interviewed on three shows on National Public Radio, and on Express News (Pakistan) and WHCU (Ithaca), and for articles that were published by Fast Company (USA), Il Messaggero (Italy), and Southern Weekly (China).

Developed and taught an online course, Political Campaign Imagery (STCM 20100), which students in Ithaca College's New York City Program (and elsewhere) have taken. Also developed and taught another online course, Introduction to Political Campaign Communication (STCM 22100) and a blended graduate course, Contemporary Topics: Political Campaign Communication, Yesterday and Today (COMM 51000), for Ithaca College.

Dr. Seidman was the first chair of the new Department of Strategic Communication at Ithaca College, as well as the Director of its Communication Management and Design Program.

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