Sean Eversley Bradwell

Assistant Professor, Department of Education



Below is a list of courses - both past and present.  Samples of syllabi for selected courses can be found under the "Documents" section.

EDUC 34000 Social and Cultural Foundations of Education

CSCR 45100 Research in Community Change

CSCR 43400 Capstone in Culture, Race, and Ethnicity

CSCR 43300 Education, Oppression & Liberation

CSCR 32400 Critical Race Theories in the United States

CSCR 34600 Miscegenation, Mulattos & the Melting Pot

CSCR 32200 Research in Global Justice

CSCR 29004 Black Laughter and Racial Comedy

CSCR 25000 Hip Hop Cultures

CSCR 24200 Miscegenation and Racial Binaries

CSCR 22000 Case Studies in Global Justice

CSCR 20800 Education of African America

CSCR 20009 Black Laughter and Racial Comedy

CSCR 12000 US Civil Rights Seminar

CSCR 10600 Introduction to African Diaspora Studies

CSCR 10400 Color Lines


Sample syllabi are located under Documents or click here.