Margaret Shackell

Assistant Professor, Accounting and Business Law
School: School of Business


Area of Focus: Translating Research

Prof Shackell specializes in linking academic research with practice.

Research Publications – Journal Articles

1. Farrell, A; Jutte, L; Kadous, K; Shackell, M.; Towry, K; Young, K. 2017. Forward-looking measures can motivate employees. Strategic Finance, July: 40-47.**

2. Farrell, A; Goh, J., Kahle, R., Shackell, M.; White, B. 2017. When Managers Make Emotional Business Decisions Strategic Finance, September: 46-53.

3. Farrell, A; Grenier, J; Leiby, J; Retcher, E; Shackell, M. The upsides and downsides of online labour. FM-Magazine, 23 September 2019.

4. Davis, P; Schleifer, L; Shackell, M; Widener, S. 2020. Creating a Lean Environment. Strategic Finance, January: 38-45.**

5. Bentley, J; Blake, C; Shackell, M; Trafford, P. 2020. Let Me Explain! Strategic Finance, March: 38-45.**

6. Arnold, M; Hannan, R. L; Shackell, M; Tafkov, I. 2020. Do Peer Ratings Work? Strategic Finance, December: 40-43.

7. Shackell, M; Bol, J; and Lill, J. 2021. Reversing the Ratchet: How Trust Can Improve Employee Performance Strategic Finance. March:

8. Dowell, G.W.S., M.B. Shackell, and N.V. Stuart. 2011. Boards, CEOs and Surviving a Financial Crisis: Evidence from the Internet Shakeout. Strategic Management Journal 32: 1025-1045.***

** - Won Lybrand Award for top paper in Strategic Finance

*** - Republished in 2020 as part of a special issue on crisis response.

Research Publications – Cases

1. “Kilgors Wine Division: A Balanced Scorecard Simulation” with Albie Brooks & Gillian Vesty at IMA Educational Case Journal. February 2020.

Teaching notes are behind paywall, but I have included them in the pdfs.