Bruce Smith

Emeritus Professor, Biology


Courses Taught

  • Invertebrate Zoology (upper-level elective course for majors)
  • Parasites and Vectors of Disease (upper-level elective course for majors)
  • Animal Behavior (upper-level elective course for majors)
  • Aquatic Ecology (upper-level elective course for majors)
  • Literature in Biology- Animal Behavior: Communication in Non-Human Animals (upper-level required course for majors)
  • Research 200-, 300, or 400-level  (upper-level required course for majors)
  • Seminar (upper-level required course for majors)
  • Principles of Biology (introductory lab-based course primarily for Biology/Biochemistry students: laboratories in Principles I, lecture & laboratories Principles II)
  • Biology of Sex (non-majors course for general education)
  • Fundamentals of Biology (introductory lab-based course primarily for HSHP students; laboratories in Fundamentals I, lecture & laboratories in Fundamentals II)

Description of Courses


The catalog is available here.