Tom Nicholson

Professor Emeritus, Media Arts, Sciences & Studies

I came to the Park School of Communications in 2002. Before arriving I spent over twenty years working as a Director and Editor in the film and television industry. I've also held many other positions, from Production Assistant to Executive Producer, along the way. At various times I've worked for National Geographic, PBS, and the BBC. As a Producer, Director, and Editor my documentary work has been broadcast nationally in the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

In 2004 and 2005 I worked on "The Gold Rush" for the American Experience history series on PBS.  The episode explored the California gold rush of 1849.  The documentary aired in 2006.  

In 2006 I co-directed and edited "Welcome to the Party."  Developed using improvisation, the final script explored several scenarios that might occur at a college party related to rape prevention.  The film has companion materials detailing presentation techniques, topics for discussion, and relevant links to supporting materials.  It is now used in hundreds of college and university settings, many military bases, some high schools, and many rape prevention centers.

In 2010 I worked with the PBS series "Nova" on a miniseries based on the book "Fabric of the Cosmos" by physicist Brian Greene.  I shot time lapse and some live action footage for episode 2, "The Illusion of Time."  When the Director could not find a local actor to play a surly auto mechanic for a scene shot in Bedrock, Colorado, I was asked to step in. You can see my lack of acting ability during a scene in which Brian Greene explains Einstein's special theory of relativity.  The series aired in November of 2011.  

In 2012 I worked on "Silicon Valley"  for the American Experience series.  The episode aired in 2013.  

In the Spring semester of 2012 I was the Videographer on Semester at Sea.  Semester at Sea is a floating university that has been traveling the world since 1963.  I shot and edited in 13 countries during the 105 day voyage around the world.  

In 2013 I worked on "The Rise and Fall of Penn Station" for the American Experience series.  The documentary aired in 2014.

In the summer of 2016 I taught a social justice documentary filmmaking workshop for the Ford Foundation at Montana State University.  Fifteen African filmmakers attended the workshop.