Thomas Swensen

Professor, Exercise Science and Athletic Training
Phone: 607-274-3114
Office: Center for Health Sciences 313, Ithaca, NY 14850

Current Research

Core Function and Training

Ph.D. University of Tennessee (1992): Physiology.
M.S.  University of Tennessee (1988): Zoology.
B.A.  Vanderbilt University (1983): History.

Courses Taught:
663-12000 & 663-12100 Anatomy and Physiology I and II
665-54000& 665-54200 Physiological Mechanisms of Exercise I and II

Research Interests:
Factors that affect human performance

Recent Grants/Publications:

Lembke, P., J. Capodice, K. Herbert, and T. Swensen: Influence of omega-3 index on performance and wellbeing in young adults after heavy eccentric exercise.  Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 13:151-156, 2014.

Pryor, J.L., AS. Craig, and T. Swensen:  Effect of betaine on cycling sprint power.  Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 9:12, 2012.

Benson, A., J. Abendroth-Smith, D. King, and T. Swensen:  Comparison of rowing on a Concept 2 stationary and dynamic ergometer.  Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 10:267-273, 2011.

Cowley, P.M, S. Fitzgerald, K. Sottung, and T. Swensen: Age, weight, and the front abdominal power test as predictors of isokinetic trunk strength and work capacity in young men and women. Journal of Strength and Conditioning, 23(3):915–925, 2009

Cowley, P.M. and T. Swensen: Development and Reliability of Two Core Stability Field Tests.  Journal of Strength and Conditioning, 22(2):619-624, 2008.

John, D., G.A. Sforzo, and T. Swensen: Monitoring exercise heart rate using manual palpation.  Health and Fitness Journal, 11(6):14-18, 2007.

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Gross, M, D. King, and T. Swensen: Nonconsecutive-versus consecutive-day high-intensity interval training in cyclists.  Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 39(9):1666-1671, 2007.

Harnish, C.R., T. Swensen, and D. King: Effect of cycling position on oxygen uptake and preferred cadence in trained cyclists during hill climbing at various power outputs.  European Journal of Applied Physiology, 99:387–391, 2007.

Watson, G. and T. Swensen: Effects of altering pedal cadence on cycling time trial performance.  International Journal of Sports Medicine, 27(4): 296–300, 2006.