Gordon Webb

Retired Assistant Professor, Television and Radio
Specialty: Photography...Audio/Video Production... Scriptwriting... the work of television writer Rod Serling

After retiring in May 2007... my wife Cathy and I spent some time traveling -- to the Pacific northwest where our daughter Carrie and son-in law Jamie lived (near Seattle, WA).  We've now all moved to Wilmington, North Carolina... and being able to live near them has been a joy.  The beautiful mountains of the Pacific Northwest, for us, have now been replaced with the awesome Atlantic coast.  Our son Jeremy resides in NYC where he pursues an active career as a working actor on stage and television ("Law & Order, " etc.)

I've been pursuing my hobby of photography and have work on display at a local cooperative art gallery.

So far, retirement has been great, although I miss the inspiration which comes from meeting daily with bright, young students!