Wenmouth Williams

Professor Emeritus, Media Arts, Sciences & Studies
Specialty: Issues related to the First Amendment and the mass media

I came to Ithaca College twenty-five years ago from a mid-sized university in the Midwest to work with smart, energetic students who are excited about the study of communications. I have not been disappointed in my decision. My passion is teaching. I work to make my classes challenging and relevant to communications students in the 21st century. My specialty, public policy, is taught in Government and Media, a course designed for all junior TV/R, IMC and Journalism majors. My course is organized around intellectual needs of students in these three degrees with the focus on "What I need to know about the law to be a professional?" The course is exciting because the content changes with the weather, which is quite frequent in Ithaca. I hope that you will join me in my class and we will learn about the legal issues in communications together.