Yvonne Rogalski

Associate Professor, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology
School: School of Health Sciences and Human Performance



Undergraduate Courses

  • SLPA 36000, Brain Science (Fall)
  • SLPA 35900, Communication Disorders in the Aging Population (Spring)

Graduate Courses

  • SLPG 55600, Acquired Cognitive Communication Disorders (Fall)
  • SLPG 55500, Adult Motor Speech Disorders (Fall)
  • SLPG 65100, Adult Aphasia and Related Disorders (Spring)

Graduate Clinic

  • SLPG 66400, Longview Cognitive Group (group-based activities for people with dementia) (Fall, Spring)
  • SLPG 66400, Ithaca Community Aphasia Network (ICAN) (Fall, Spring)
  • SLPG 66400, Individual student supervision in the Ewing Clinic