Raquib Zaman

Dana Professor Emeritus, Finance/International Business


Recent Presentations

NOTE: Presentations published in the conference proceedings are listed as publications.

Keynote Speech at the International Davraz Conference, Suleyman Demirel University, Isparta, Turkey, November 24-27, 2009

“State of Islamic Economics and the Contribution of Professor, Dr. Sabahattin Zaim,” A Sabahattin Zaim Memorial Lecture, Sabahattin Zaim Symposium, Istanbul Iktisatcilar Dernegi, 20th December 2008.

“A Historical Discourse on Riba (usury) and Interest in Islam and the Nature of Today’s Islamic Banking and Finance,” National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies, Australia, University of Melbourne. A Symposium: Islamic Banking and Finance: Ethics and Financial Practice in Global Perspective. Plenary Session I: Usury and Business Ethics in Islamic Financial transactions, November 20, 2008.

“FDI and Micro Credit as Engines for Promoting Growth of Indigenous Entrepreneurs in Selected Emerging Economies,” co-authored with Fahri Unsal, International Trade and Finance Association, Miami, May 16-19, 2007.

“Asia and the Process of Globalization,” an invited lecture at the Symposium on Islam and the Challenge of Modernity, Nazareth College, March 24, 2007.

“Islamic Financial Institutions and Instruments: Neither Islamic nor Innovative,” at the Annual Conference of the Eastern Economic association, New York, February 23-25, 2007.

“Factors to Gauge to Discover the Directional Move of Currency Prices Using Time Series And Cross-Sectional Analysis,” co-authored with Abraham Mulugetta and Yuko Mulugetta, Association for Global Business, November 16-18, 2006 (published as an Abstract of the Conference, Abstract Number 27).

“The Enlargement of European Union: An Analysis of the Challenges Ahead” Coauthored with Fahri Unsal at the Annual Conference of the Association for Global Business, Cancun, Mexico, November 18-21, 2004.

"The European Union and Its Enlargement: The Challenges Ahead," with Unsal, 57th Annual Conference of the New York State Economic Association, Ithaca, NY October 8-9, 2004.

"FDI in the Middle East and Selected Countries by Western MNC: Alternative Strategies for Investment and Economic Growth," 14th International Conference of the International Trade and Finance Association, San Antonio, TX May 2004.

"Economic and Non-Economic Factors in the Flow of Foreign Direct Investment: An Examination," at the Inaugural International Conference on Business, Banking and Finance, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies, April 2004.

"The Impact of FDI by Western MNCs on Trade Balances of Selected Transition Economies of Europe and Asia," with Movassagh, H. and Unsal, F., Allied Social Sciences Conference, Washinton, D.C., January 2-5, 2003.

"Islamic Banking and Finance: Assessing the Need of the Present and the Future," 2002 Oxford Banking Forum: Development and Foreign Investment into the Islamic States, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, September 2002.

"The Impact of Foreign MNC's Direct Investment Strategies on the Trade Balances of Host Countries: An Empirical Analysis of Central & East European Countries," with Movassaghi, H. and Unsal, F., 12th International Conference of the International Trade and Finance Association, Bangkok, Thailand, May 29-June 2, 2002.

"Relative Performance of Country-Based Closed-End Funds at Times of Financial Crisis," coauthored with Alka Bramhandkar, Annual Conference of the Association for Global Business, Cancun, Mexico, November 2001.

"The Impact of FDI on the Economies of the Central European Countries and the Performance of Foreign MNC," coauthored with H. Movassaghi, 12th International Conference of the International Trade and Finance Association, Washington, D.C. 2001)

"The Impact of Oil Price, Trade and FDI in the Economies of the Middle East," with Movassaghi, H., 12th International Conference of the Association for Global Business, Orlando, FL November 2000.

"A Critical Analysis of the Nature of the Islamic Banking Practices and Their Relevance to the Islamic Jurisprudence," with Movassaghi, H. International Conference on Banking and Finance: Issues and Strategies, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, August 2000.

"Trade and Investment Climate in Economic Transformation of Transition and Crisis Economics," 10th International Conference of the International Trade and Finance Association, Montpillier, France, June 2000.

"Price Variability and the Economic Performance of the OPEC in the 1980s and 1990s," with Movassaghi, H. The Northeast Regional Meeting of the Academy of International Business, Ithaca, NY June 2000.

"Trade, Capital Flows, and Economic Vulnerability of the Major Oil Exporting Countries," 9th Annual Conference of the Global Awareness Society International, New York, May 2000.

"Restoring Asian Economies After the Financial Markets Collapse of 1997-98," the Allied Social Sciences Conference, Boston, January 2000.