Zoe Shan Lin

Assistant Professor, History
School: School of Humanities and Sciences



Referred Journal Entries:

  • 2019  “Navigating Networks: Personal Correspondence and Local Governance in Southern Song China, 1127-1279,” Journal of Chinese History , 3(1), 59-82
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  • 2009 “Decang Tulufan wenxian zhong de songshi xizi canpian 德藏吐鲁番文献中的宋诗习字残片(A Copybook of a Poem Written by Qin Guan Found in Turpan),” Wen Xian 文獻(The Documentation), No.4. 26−34.  (In Chinese.)

Book Reviews:

Upcoming in 2022 Book Review: Charles Hartman. The Making of Song Dynasty History: Sources and Narratives, 960–1279 CE. Cambridge University Press, 2020. In Journal of Asian Studies, 81 (1), 2022. 

2019 Book Review: Patricia Buckley Ebrey and Paul Jakov Smith, ed. State Power in China, 900–1325. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2016. In Journal of Asian Studies, 78(2), 425-427.