Unstoppable Art

By Alison True, April 13, 2021
Audio activities run through Swampscapes.org, where you learn and experiment with different animal sounds from the Everglades.

Art is unstoppable, FLEFF has proven that

After most events at FLEFF, the moderator prompts for take-aways for the events. The difference of take-aways from the past 3 weeks has been eye-opening, to say the least. I’ve had two take-aways that have stuck with me since the beginning.

One of the first events I went to was the webinar with Zhao Dayong, on his movie “The High Life.” The webinar was so interesting, with comments from Rikun Zhu and Zhang Zen on independent Chinese cinema and how Dayong is such a good and natural cinematographer because of his start in painting. My main take-away from this event was how much real life, art, and films overlap. Dayong took a location and a group of people and made the story come to life on the screen, each frame a painting in it’s own right. 

Later on, I went to a talkback with theatre professionals about theatre during COVID-19. The professionals described how theatre is something that can be moved online, but still be overflowing with creativity. The Cherry Artspace has moved online, and has created excellent theatre productions online. My main take-away from this event was that art cannot be stopped, and due to innovations art will continue to thrive no matter what. The creatives behind the online exhibitions are inspiring, and will continue to break ground even if in-person performances can happen again.

This related to another event that I actually helped run, which was a Swampscapes presentation. I backended and helped put links in the chat for this event, and was enraptured the entire time. I learned about AR and VR and how to document places respectfully. This was one of the main take-aways from my whole time during FLEFF, which was how to make a documentary in a way to keep the culture and location safe. It has inspired me to continue learning about film and the ways to exhibit it. Swampscapes has created art online that can be viewed every day.

Reflecting on this, FLEFF has proven to me what Twitter and Instagram has said over the past year. The media has been saying over and over that art cannot be stopped and that art will not be stopped. FLEFF has proven this to me with every ounce of care that was put into it. 

Art cannot be stopped, art can uplift people, and art can be created to inspire. And FLEFF has exhibited art in every form in these past three weeks.