Not Knowing Your Major Isn't Major

Here, undecided isn't a label. It’s a natural exploration. Cassie talks about how IC’s exploratory program gave her the time she needed.

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First-Year Close-ups

These students poured their talents and drive into the resources at IC. The rest is history.

Eva Kirie ’21 & Clara Montague ’21 walk the red carpet

Eva Kirie & Clara Montague


As first-year filmmakers, Eva Kirie and Clara Montague took their class assignment all the way to the silver screen.

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Malick Mercier

Malick Mercier

Journalism and Sociology

Journalism student Malick Mercier makes an impact with socially-conscious news coverage on Instagram and elsewhere.

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Julia Salvatore and Edd Schneider

Julia Salvatore

Communication Management and Design

Julia Salvatore presents “super” research findings at San Diego Comic-Con.

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Rachel Yohe '18  and Goldye Horan '18

Rachel Yohe and Goldye Horan

Integrated Marketing Communications and Music/Communication Management and Design

Social media sparked a beautiful friendship for these first-year students, who sustain their bond today as proud alumnae.

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Sarah Brylinsky

Sarah Brylinsky

CMD and MS, Comm. Innovation

A freshman-year seminar at IC called Introduction to Sustainability inspired Sarah Brylinsky to lead campus climate movements in Ithaca and beyond.

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Four Years at IC

Eight seniors look back on what they loved, learned, and conquered during their four years at IC.

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Advice for New Students

Just go out there, meet people, and don't be afraid to come out of your shell. You don't have to be super extroverted to do that. You just have to find the things that you're passionate about and people will share those passions with you.

Tyler Reighn '18

Film, Photography, and Visual Arts

Advice for New Students

The hardest part is just walking through the door.

Pat Smith '22

Advice for New Students

Sleep more. Sleep more, but don't not do the projects and things that you're interested in because you're worried about what other people are going to think of it.

Rachel Cutsumpas '20

Advice for New Students

My number one piece of advice would probably be to take your first semester classes seriously, because it's really easy to get to midterms and look at your midterm grades and go, 'how did that happen?'

Eliza Wilde '23

Advice for New Students

Experience everything you can. Don't not try something just because you don't think you'll like it because some of my greatest experiences have been ones that pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Samantha Brown '18

Advice for New Students

It is a serious piece of advice but it's going to sound a little bit funny. People are going to tell you that the winters here are brutal....There's a lot of places where the winter is a lot worse. So don't let people try to scare you out of coming here because it's a little cold.

Jacqueline Brown '23