Infiltrations A Different Media Environment Exhibition


Infiltrating Work: Young Adults with Disabilities Working

Chris is working at the Harlem Grown greenhouse (December 2018)

 Infiltrating Work:  Young Adults with Disabilities Working is a curated collection of seven pieces commissioned by NASA and the US Department of Education to dispel myths and preconceptions about disability. All the pieces were produced by Insights International, a media production company in New York City and Ithaca New York that has worked in the areas of health, environment,science, and engineering for four decades.

These short videos focus on people with disabilities not as victims or helpless but as active agents in their own work lives. The documentaries employ an approach of small stories and micro-micro-local orientation. Deeply collaborative with the subjects in design and execution,  the camera work in these pieces takes special care to take its framing cues from the movements and positions of the subjects, rather than from the individual artistic designs of the producers or commissioning agencies. 


Amy's Internship    7:35   

Amy's Internship" shows the NASA Pathways Internship Program, their pipeline to employment. Over half of Johnson Space Center, Houston’s new hires were formerly Pathways interns. For NASA, developing a large and diverse pool of interns is key to finding the most talented permanent NASA employees.  

Finding and Hiring Problem-Solvers   6:36

This video shows how NASA recruits and retains their diverse pools of interns

Partnering to Build Diversity   5:46

This video shows how NASA employs a strategy of partnerships to create a diverse workplace.

 All three of the above videos are narrated by female Astronaut Tracy Caldwell-Dyson, PhD.



Shot across the US, the four videos below  show novel approaches to helping young people with disabilities to navigate the world of work:

Harlem Grown:    9:28

Chris has several jobs at Harlem Grown, an urban farm in Upper Manhattan.  His job counselor uses the method of "Customized Employment" to tailor Chris' job experience to his abilities and interests.  Although It is not shown in this film, the State of New York helps subsidize employers who take kids like Chris on.  The intended audience for this video would have known this information.


Learning a Trade at the Hilton:   5:42

Escambia boys Base is a residential facility within the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida.   Juveniles with disabilities live there while they finish high school and prepare for jobs.


Avery's Team:   7:10

Avery is almost completely blind.  He is gaining independence working at a subsidized cafe in an office complex in Rutland, Vermont


Mackie at Work    4:13

Mackie works at the Rutland, Vermont electric company.   Her disability is an asset in this open-plan office.