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Perpetual Nomads by Mez Breeze and team

Perpetual Nomads (Mez Breeze, Australia, 2019)

Perpetual Nomads

Mez Breeze (Australia) and Team



Perpetual Nomads fills a gap between episodes six and seven of the award-winning Inanimate Alice digital novel series about an aspiring game designer named Alice Field, as she travels from China to Australia, then to Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Russia, before returning hometown in England. 

The project’s story is a VR adventure written by Mez Breeze and a co-production by Mez Breeze Design and Bradfield Narrative Designs. It invites users to experience life as Alice Field, as she rides on a city bus whilst navigating escalating social tensions and an unrelenting barrage of information. The project pulls into focus disruptions from social networks as they affect the infrastructural networks of urban connectivity.

The VR adventure places the user in the position of Alice, surrounded by the simulated environments of the game engine’s three levels—bus, desert, building—as thought-clouds appear in blue popup windows.

Stuck on a bus an unable to download a new app on her mobile, Alice rides an Autobus in nowheresville, a small city surrounded by a desert. Her journey is disrupted when the bus appears to hit a dog. Asked to evacuate, Alice cannot recharge her mobile. She wanders through the desert into the building. She must attempt to recharge her mobile to get home.

She joins Wispurring Nomads chap app with buddies unicrony and Playa in the Whisper Zone. Along the way, she must navigate challenging physical and social environments. Are the OilyMen a reality or a conspiracy? The project engages a teaching to children about how social networks can become disruptions.

Inanimate Alice has been recognized by educators as encouraging multimodel (text-image-sound-game-music), problem-solving, cultural, ands social-emotional literacy in children.

360-video version: