Building Bridges to Close the Gaps

How does everyone…Live Well & Die Well…in our community?

Kimberly Paul

This talk focused on connection, innovation and available services to aging rural communities with a goal of encouraging honest and clear dialogue between those who are aging and their medical providers, family members, and children. End of life innovation is happening across the country and people are just now beginning to notice. Requests for palliative care are on the rise, there is a surge in the end-of-life doula practices, people are recording legacies, planning their own funerals and choosing how and where they would like to die. The rapidly growing older adult population is radically changing how we live and die. What is your role in this movement and what are your desires at your own end of life? Together let’s create and expand end of life services so we can all live and die well.

Slide deck

Recording coming soon.

“Kimberly is a passionate visionary who identified issues and needs surrounding end of life that are well beyond her years. Her creative approach to everything gives people permission to LIVE until the end of their days, empowered.”

Selena Boyette, Lower Cape Fear Hospice


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