About Ms. Paul

Woman holding microphone speaking to a group

As a lifelong storyteller, Kimberly C. Paul has found her calling in becoming a professional speaker on the subject of death and dying. Her passion for educating people about end of life choices resonates through her experiences as an author, blogger, and television and radio commercial producer. Working on the sets of Saturday Night Live and CBS daytime dramas in the early years of her career, she found her passion for engaging audiences.

Working with Hospice for nearly 20 years, speaking about death and dying was a natural transition for her. Kimberly has wowed audiences with her Ted X Talk, “Who’s That?” by challenging people to stop ignoring the big elephant in the room known inevitably as death and actually talk about it.

Presenting symposiums about hospice and end-of-life planning at a national, state, regional and local level, Kimberly addresses many topics on the subject of death and dying. Her topics include pre-planning, how to discuss end-of-life wishes with loved ones, and what alternative options are available to those stricken with a potentially life-ending illness.

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