Welcome to Student Employment!

As part of the Human Resources Department, the Student Employment Office is a resource for Ithaca College students looking to obtain employment on campus.Students at Ithaca College have the opportunity to take advantage of a variety of employment positions on and off campus. Search the job database to find jobs of interest, logging in using your Netpass username and password and searching for jobs by keyword or term. The Office of Student Employment assists students in completing their employment paperwork to be eligible to work on campus, as well as being the source for any questions on Student Employment at Ithaca College. 

The Office of Student Employment can help you:

  • Find a Job

  • Learn about different jobs on and off of Ithaca College's campus

  • Fill out payment paperwork at the New Student Employee Program 

  • Get paid on Parnassus

  • Understand work study 

  • Help parents to help their students

  • Work with Student Supervisors