The Student Employment Experience

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NYS Paid Sick Leave
As of January 1, 2021, accrued NYS Paid Sick Leave hours can be filed by student employees.
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W-2 Information
Find out how to access your W-2!
W-2 Information

Everything you need to know about IC HR Cloud

The IC HR Cloud is IC's payroll management software, where student employees can submit timecards, and update their pay information.

Learn about how to use the IC HR Cloud, and ensure that you are paid on time!

Payment Information

Payment Information
Learn about hours, pay rate, and how to get paid.
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2021 Payroll Schedule
When to submit a timecard, and when you'll get paid.
Payroll Schedule
Federal Work Study
Find out how your Federal Work Study award is paid through campus employment.
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Workplace Rights and Student Employment

Student Employee Rights
Know your rights in the workplace.
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Student Employee Handbook
Learn about student employment policies.
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Want another job?
Student employees can work additional campus jobs, so long as they do not exceed twenty hours weekly.
Apply for another job through IC HR Cloud