Expand Your Candidate Pool & Build Your Student Workforce

1) The Interview

Mastering job interview skills is a major step in a student’s progress toward becoming an able and self-assured participant in the world of work. The process of applying for a position and discussing his/her own qualifications and skills gives the student experience and confidence, which will assist in obtaining summer and post-graduate employment.

The main purpose of the interview is to determine if the student is capable of filling your employment needs. It also allows the student the opportunity to determine whether he or she feels qualified and comfortable with the position.

Please see here for resources for conducting productive interviews.

2) Extend Job Offers

Effective November 2021, Hiring Managers and Search Chairs now have the ability to create student job offers in ICHR Cloud. Please refer to the instructions below for creating student job offers in IC HR Cloud. (Please note: job offer creation is only available at the moment for student employees.)

Please refer to these instructions for creating and submitting job offers in IC HR Cloud.

Please refer to this Sway Presentation for a first-hand look at the Job Offer Creation process.