Student Employee Appreciation Week

The 2022 Student Employee Appreciation Week is April 10-16, 2022!

National Student Employment Week is the week of April 10th, and IC Student Employment would like to take this time to recognize the participation of student employees in the day-to-day operations of the College. Organized by the National Student Employment Association (NSEA), this week underscores the impact of student employees and student supervisors on college campuses nationally. The purpose of this week is threefold—to promote student employment at IC, to recognize the contribution of student employees at IC and within the Ithaca community, and to recognize the work of student supervisors, who play a vital role in providing student employees with learning and mentorship opportunities during their time at IC. 

We hope you will join us in recognizing the invaluable service of student employees at IC during this challenging year, and we thank you for your mentorship and support of the students within your departments.   

For questions, please contact Student Employment at

Ideas to Make the Most of Student Employee Appreciation Week!
  • Mailing personalized thank you notes from your department to your students’ home addresses.
  • Posting a wall of fame on your department’s social media pages or website, highlighting your student employees’ accomplishments during the last year.
  • Scheduling a meeting—in person or via Zoom—to recognize their accomplishments and to thank them for their service.
  • Giving personalized awards in special categories (Best Computer Skills, Best Customer Service, Best Telephone Skills, etc).
  • Changing your department’s phone message, during the week, to recognize your student employees.
  • Scheduling time to meet with your student employees to find out how you can help them in the next phase of their careers—offer to help them plan for their careers, help them network with your colleagues/connections, discuss with your student employees about how you might adapt their student employment position to benefit their long-term career goals.

There will also be ideas and discussion around this topic at the next SUPERvision event "Recognizing and Retaining Student Employees", hosted by the Experiential Learning Alliance Employment Enhancement (SEE) Committee, scheduled for March 14 at 12:00 PM. Please find meeting link attached.