Workplace Architecture

Resources to support workplace safety, compliance and policy planning.
Workplace Safety

When accidents happen, please ensure that student employees complete an accident report and submit it to Human Resources within twenty-four (24) hours of injury. 

Discipline Policy

Supervisors may implement a Discipline Policy, such as this example, for student employees to review. In the event of policy violations, supervisors may complete a Discipline Report, such as this example in order to record policy violations.

General Student Employment Discipline Policy: Discipline policies and procedures, and reporting are at the discretion of the student supervisor. Student supervisors should work to resolve workplace conflicts and disciplinary concerns through verbal measures prior to suspension or termination. On the first offense, the student employee should receive a verbal warning. Upon the second offense, a written warning should be issued to the student. Upon the third offense, the student should receive a suspension, and when cases allow, or the offenses persist the student should be terminated.

Mandatory Workplace Safety Training

Student Employees are required to complete a mandatory Workplace Harassment training via Vector. After your student employees complete the Form I-9,  a link will be sent to them for completion of the training. Likewise, this training must be completed annually, so each year they continue to work, they will continue to receive the training. Please allow your student employees time to complete this training during their working hours. If you have questions, or your student has not received a link to this training, please email