Some speakers are linked to archived articles from the Ithacan.

Michael J. Balick, vice president and chair, Botanical Science Research and Training; director and philecology curator, Institute of Economic Botany, the New York Botanical Garden
"Ancient Wisdom and Modern Medicines: Ethnobotany, Conservations and Therapies of the Tropical Rain Forest"

Wade Davis, explorer-in-residence, National Geographic Society
"Light at the End of the World: Ethnobotany"

Patricia Goldman-Rakic, professor of neuroscience, neurology, psychiatry and psychology, Yale University School of Medicine
"How We Remember, How We Know"

Kathryn Machan, associate professor of writing, Ithaca College
Diane McPherson, associate professor of writing, Ithaca College
Marian MacCurdy, professor of writing, Ithaca College
"Shapes of Memory: How We Write Our Lives"

David Newlin, Ph.D. Research, Triangle Institute (Baltimore)
"Blood on the Tracks: Scientific Research on Drug Addiction"

Paul W. Ewald, director, Program in Evolutionary Medicine, department of biology, University of Louisville
"Epidemics: Past, Present, and Future"

Dale L. Morse, professor, School of Public Health, University at Albany
Public Health Approach to Emerging Epidemics

Steven Bickham, professor of philosophy, Mansfield University
"4th Philosophical Facet of Creativity"

George Zebrowski, science fiction author
"Raising the Net"

Robert John Richards, Morris Fishbein Professor in the History of Science and Medicine, University of Chicago
"Ernst Haeckel -- The Last Romantic"

Sanrda G. Harding, professor, social sciences and comparative education, University of California, Los Angeles
"Is Science Multicultural?"

Charles R. Cantor, professor, biomedical engineering; professor, pharmacology, School of Medicine, Boston University
"Implications of Human genome Project"

Michael Ruse, philosopher of science, University of Guelph (Canada)
"Culture of Darwinism"

Douglas J. Futuyma, professor of ecology and evolution, State University of New York at Stony Brook
"Evolution Today: Facts, Theories, and Evidence"

H.E. Gove, professor of physics, University of Toronto
"Carbon Dating the Schroud of Turin"

William M. Voelkle, curator of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts;department head, The Pierpont Library (New York)
"Spanish Forger"

Robert Mark, scientist, U.S. Geological Survey
"Structural Archaeology: Solving the Mysteries of the Master Builders"

Lynn Margulis, biologist; university professor, department of geosciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst
"Gaia Hypothesis:

E.R. Buskirk, professor, applied physiology and human nutrition, Penn State
"Human Performance: Past and Future"

Colin T. Campbell, professor, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of St. Andrews
"In the Midst of a Nutrition Revolution"

Ira H. Carmen, professor, political science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Cloning and the Constitution"

Michael B. Gregg, acting director, Epidemiology Program Office, Center for Disease Control
"Ethical Issues Involved in the Control of AIDS"

Dorothy Nelkin, university professor of sociology, New York University
"Selling Science: How the Press Covers Science and Technology"

William Caldicott, pediatric radiologist/social critic
"Technology and Survival"

Alvin Weinberg, director of the Institute for Energy Analysis
"Life After Chernobyl"

John Bird, professor of geology, Cornell University
"The Geological Evolution of the Earth"

Robert Christiansen, geologist, U.S. Geological Survey
"Volcanism: Mapping the Earth's Interior"

Eugene Shoemaker, geologist, U.S. Geological Survey
"Bombardment of the Earth and Crises in the History of Land"

Jerry Pournelle, author
"The Strategy of Progress"

Richard Platek, professor of math, Cornell University
"Intelligence: Artificial and Human"

Andrias Van Dam, professor of computer science, Brown University
"Dynamic Computational Graphics in Education"

Duane Chapman
"Energy Futures and Conservation"

Forest Sterns, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
"The Urban Ecosystem"

Ian McHarg, University of Pennsylvania
"Planning in a Physical, Biological, and Cultural World"

Murray Bookchin, Goddard College
"The Rediscovery of Urban Communities: Neighborhood and Local Self Government"

Charles Edgerton Osgood, professor of communications and psychology, University of Illinois
"Conservative Words and Radical Sentences in the Semantics of International Politics"

Vera John-Steiner, professor of psychology, University of New Mexico
"Language and Thought"

Hilary Putnam, professor of philosophy, Harvard University
"Mind and Body"

Andrew Weil, research associate in ethnopharmacology, Harvard University; writer/lecturer/doctor
"Mind in Body, Body in Mind"

Joseph Weizenbaum, professor of computer science, MIT
"Computation and Reconstruction of Reality"

Perry Gilbert, director of the Mote Marine Laboratory; professor of neurobiology and behavior, Cornell University
"Sharks and Man: A Perspective"

Kip Thorne, professor of theoretical physics, California Institute of technology
"The Search for a Black Hole in Space"

Henry R. Munger, Cornell University
"The Importance of Plant Breeding in Providing Food for the World"

 Ralph Ruddle, Yale University
"Genetics and Developmental Studies of Hybrid Cells"

Mark Ptashne, professor of biochemistry/molecular biology, Harvard University
"Current Research on the Molecular Bases of Gene Control"

Bruce Wallace, Cornell University
"On the Reality of a Lottery"

Rod Serling, television writer/author; visiting professor, Ithaca College
"The Day After Tomorrow"

Alvin Toffler, author, Future Shock; associate editor, Fortune magazine
"The Future of Politics"

Robert Theobald, socioeconomist, editor, author
"Why the Election was Irrelevant"

Robert Ascher, chairman and professor, department of anthropology, Cornell University
"How to Build a Time Capsule"

Philip Abelson, editor, Science; president of the Carnegie Institution of Washington
"Society in Transition"

Gerard Piel, president and publisher, Scientific American
"The Acceleration of History"

Adolph Grunbaum, Andrew Mellon Professor of philosophy; director of the Center for Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh

Sylvan H. Wittwer, Michigan State University
"The Challenges of Meeting Modern World Food Needs Through Modern Technology"

Bernard I. Cohen, Harvard University
"The Individual in a World of Numbers: The Rise of a Statistical View of Man, Society and Sciences"

Victor Cohn, science editor, Washington Post
"Technology on Trial: A Report from Washington"

Harvey Brooks, Harvard University
"Can Science Survive in Modern Society?"

Franklin Long, Cornell University
"Sciences, the Universities, and the Military"

Ralph Lapp, Quadri-Science, Inc.
"The Scientist and National Problems"

Thomas Szasz, Syracuse University
"The Right to Health"

Philip Morrison, astrophysicist, MIT
"Yams and Palaces: A Defense of Inventiveness"

F.C. Steward, Cornell University
"The Control of Life: Fact and Fiction"

Commander Scott M. Carpenter, astronaut, United State Navy
"Life Under the Sea"

Hans Bethe, Cornell University
"Atomic Nuclei"

Alan Ross Anderson, University of Pittsburgh
"Rational Intuition"

Max Black, Cornell University
"Freedom and Determination"

Clinton B. Ford, American Association of Variable Star Observers
"Astronomy's Contribution to the Humanities"

Hilary Putnam, Harvard University
"Is Science a Philosophy?"

Robert Heath, Tulane University
"Schizophrenia as a Specific Biologic Disease"

Robert Cohen, Boston University
"Science and Society"

Stephen F. Barker, professor of philosophy, Johns Hopkins University
"Scientific Explanation"

Thomas O. Jones, NSF director, Environmental Science
"Supporting Science"

Louis F. Fieser, professor of chemistry, Harvard University
"Chemistry in 3-Dimensions"

LaMont C. Cole, professor and chair, department of zoology, Cornell University
"The Ecology of Populations"

William L. Reese, delegate to U.S. National Commission for UNESCO
"Philosophy and Science"

Howard Post, scholar; member of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
"Science and Religion"

Henry Guerlac, Goldwin Smith Professor of history, Cornell University
"Science and History"

Perry Gilbert, chairman, American Institute of Biological Sciences Shark Research Panel
"Sharks and Survival"

S.I. Rasool, physicist, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies; adjunct professor of meteorology, NYU
"Science, Society, and Space"