Kathy McTavish, cellist, composer and multimedia artist

Alan Lightman, Professor of the Practice of the Humanities in the departments of Creative Writing and Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"At the Crossroads of Art and Science"

2013 (fall semester)
Rosemary Mosco, nature cartoonist and science educator
"Drawn to Learn: Cartoons and other Unusual Ways to Share Science"

2013 (spring semester)
Anthony F. Aveni, Russell Colgate Distinguished University Professor of Astronomy, Anthropology, and Native American Studies, Colgate University
"Doomsday Scenarios and the Ancient Maya: At the Crossroads of Culture, Science, and Religion"

Eugenie C. Scott, PhD, executive director, National Center for Science Education
"In the Beginning: Science and Religion"

David G. Stork, chief scientist, Ricoh Innovations
"When Computers Look at Art: Image Analysis in Humanistic Studies of the Visual Arts"

Jonah Lehrer, author
"The Future of Science is Art, or What We Can Learn About the Brain From Marcel Proust, a 19th Century Chef, and Kanye West"

Spencer Finch, artist
"Beauty and the Scientific Method"

Alice Dreger, professor of clinical medical humanities and bioethics, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University
"Body Modification and the Future of Normal"

David Macaulay, author/architect
"Body Building and Other Architectural Journeys"

Manjul Bhargava, professor of mathematics, Princeton University
"Drumming and Poetry: The Nature of Human Thought and the Origins of Mathematics"

William Rathje, professor, Stanford University
"Garbology: The Archaeology of Us"

Bill McKibben, author/social critic/environmentalist
"Technology: Invasion of the Soul?"

Steven Wise, American legal scholar
"Consciousness: For Humans Only?" (animal consciousness)

John Holland, professor of electrical engineering and computer science, professor of psychology, University of Michigan
"Consciousness: For Humans Only?" (artificial intelligence)

Patch Adams, physician, founder/director of the Gesundheit Institute
"Alternative Medicine"

Robert D. Bullard, Ware Professor of Sociology, director of the Environmental Justice Resource Center, Clark Atlanta University
"Environmental Justice for All: The Politics of Pollution"

Kristin Dawkins, vice president for international programs, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (Minneapolis)
"Agriculture and Biotechnology: Battle Royal of the 21st Century"

Martha Crouch, professor of biology, Indiana University
"From Golden Rice to Terminator Technology: The Trouble with Biotechnology in Agriculture"