Account Info

ID Express is available to the entire Ithaca College community: students, faculty, and staff.

How Does it Work?

Simply present your ID card when you make a purchase. Your balance will be noted on your receipt from the bookstore, Sub Connection, and Mac's and will be displayed on the cashier's screen at all other locations where ID Express is accepted. To use a vending machine, just swipe your card through the reader on the machine, and then make your selection.

To Open an ID Express Account

You can charge your credit card by logging onto

If you are an IC community member, register as a user by simply following the procedures. If you are a family member, follow the family member link to make a deposit to your students account.

If you would prefer to send your deposit by mail, fill out the application and submit it with your check or money order (made payable to Ithaca College) to the Student Financial Services Office. The Student Financial Services office also accepts cash.

(Faculty and staff should submit the application to Cashiering Services, instead.)

It costs nothing to open an ID Express account, but you must open it with a minimum balance of $20. Once your account is open, no minimum balance is required.

To Add Money to Your Account

You can log onto to charge your credit card or make deposits at the Student Financial Services office by check or cash. Deposits made by check will not be available for withdrawal for 24 hours.

(Again, faculty and staff should conduct this transaction with Cashiering Services.)

The ID card and any funds in an ID Express account are the responsibility of the individual cardholder until the ID Office or the Office of Campus Safety is notified that the card is lost or stolen. You can also report your card lost by logging onto Note: you will have to report to the ID Office in person to have your card reactivated for verification purposes.

If you leave the College and wish to recoup any unused balances in your account: 

  • Students: please make a written request to the Student Financial Services Office. 

  • Faculty and Staff: please make a written request to the Accounts Payable department.  

For Students, Faculty and Staff; if no request is made after one year of leaving the college, balances remaining in the account over $10 may be refunded by the College; while any balance under $10 will revert to the College. 

If you have an outstanding financial obligation to the college, funds in your ID Express account will be applied to what you owe before any amount is refunded to you. 

If you are a continuing student, any balance in your ID Express account must be carried over to the following academic year for use at that time. 

ID Express is Safe

Only you can use your ID Express account. If your ID Express card is lost or stolen, you can cancel your account immediately by contacting the ID Office (607-274-3007 during business hours), the Office of Public Safety (274-3333 after hours) or by logging onto

Please note that until your ID Express account is closed, your ID card can be used in machines with card readers. Vending-machine purchases with ID Express are limited to $20 a day in case your card is lost or stolen.