Celebrating exceptional colleagues and an outstanding week!

By Michele Lenhart, July 20, 2021

Kudos to the Student Employment Enhancement planning team for coordinating a highly successful 2021 Summer Summit!

The third annual summit was a week-long series of online workshops designed and implemented by the SEE planning team and open to all staff and faculty who supervise student employees at Ithaca College. Student Employment Enhancement (SEE) is a subcommittee of the Experiential Learning Alliance, whose members span all campus divisions and schools, and who are motivated to positively impact students’ experiential learning through intentional student development and collaborative efforts. All the planners, facilitators, and presenters in the SEE Summer Summit were volunteers interested in providing a great student employment experience at IC.

The Experiential Learning Alliance would like to offer sincere appreciation to the planning/facilitating team:

  • Robyn Leary, SEE co-chair, Student Services Manager, Information Technology
  • Jess Shapiro, SEE co-chair, Assistant Director of Student Engagement 
  • Ben Hogben, Access Services Manager, Library
  • James Ward, Manager, Dining Catering
  • Suzie Brache, Administrative Coordinator, Career Services
  • Rachel Ash, Assistant Director, Conference and Events Services
  • Jason Hamilton, Professor, Environmental Studies and Science
  • Michelle Hammond, Director of HR Operations
  • Mish Lenhart, Director of Student Engagement
  • Kelly Dukerich, Phonathon, Alumni, and Family Engagement Coordinator
  • Katy Hall, Academic Services Coordinator, School of Business

And a heartfelt thank you to the 2021 presenters:

  • Cheryl Rotyliano, Interim Director, Career Services 
  • Omar Stoute, Title IX Deputy Coordinator
  • Linda Koenig, Title IX Coordinator 
  • Sherman Cahal, Business Productivity Specialist
  • Lisa Efing-Guida, Business Productivity and Applications Manager
  • Michelle Hammond, Director of HR Operations
  • Becky Lane, Associate Director, Learning Innovative Technologies
  • Jay Williamson, Innovative Technology Specialist 
  • Michele Lenhart, Director of Student Engagement 
  • Elyse Nepa, Clery Act and Crime Prevention Coordinator
  • Bernard Hogben, Access Services Manager, Library
  • Elizabeth Bleicher, Presidential Fellow for Student Success

This was a grass roots effort by generous members of the college community who offered helpful resources and inspirational ideas – please join us in congratulating this team! If you have questions about SEE or want to learn how to get involved, please email SEE@ithaca.edu.