Intercom Topic Descriptions

Learn about the appropriate content and purpose of each Intercom topic.

News and Notices: General news about or impacting Ithaca College that may be seen by the public as well

Lectures and Presentations: Announcements for upcoming speakers, presentations, workshops

Arts and Performances: Announcements for upcoming concerts, plays, film festivals, and exhibits

Learning Opportunities: Share information about professional and educational development, instruction, and other learning opportunities.

News for Faculty: News for faculty concerning events, meetings, and other notifications

News for Students: Official news from offices, departments, faculty, and staff for students -- notices about grades, postings for jobs on campus, lab schedules, and more

Student Organizations: News from official student organizations about their events, meetings, and other activities

HR News: Official news from the Office of Human Resources -- benefits news and information, annual faculty and staff events, policy updates, and more

Comings and Goings: Announcements about promotions, retirements, and new hires (as well as the accompanying receptions)

Technology: Official news from IT such as virus warnings, system upgrades, software updates, and anticipated downtimes.

Kudos: A forum to share accomplishments such as faculty presentations and publications, student awards, and staff honors

Last Updated 07/01/2021