Changes Coming to IC Workflow

By Rob Snyder, July 21, 2021

When first released, IC Workflow was a major operational step forward for the college. It moved many of our student, faculty, and staff processes from pen and paper to the web while providing process automation, efficiencies, and robust document storage. This largely home-grown system handles tens of thousands of submissions each academic year, supporting processes and documents for the Registrar, Student Financial Services, Facilities, Information Technology, and many others. IC Workflow also played a significant role in our COVID response, handling daily screening, testing, and our integrations with Cayuga Med.

The needs of the college have evolved, and some elements of our workflow platform currently rely on technology that is no longer supported or viable. Over the course of the upcoming academic year, IT will be working with offices and users across the campus to migrate processes, workflows, and documents to a new set of solutions. This does mean we’ll be in transition between the old and the new for some time and will do our best to minimize disruption. We’ll also continue to communicate changes as they take place.

A fundamental intention of this work is to align our goals with the key objectives of the Ithaca Forever plan – perhaps most importantly, re-imagining how these tools can be supportive of student success. Workflow is more than just technology; it represents one of the ways in which our students interact with and make decisions about their educational career. Through collaborations with key offices, we hope to modernize the technology and bring significant improvements to the user experience.

More details to following in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or anything you would like to share, please contact Rob Snyder, Associate Director of Enterprise Applications, Integrations, and Data (