Business School Professor Explores Pop Culture Entrepreneurs

By Edward Catto, August 20, 2021

Ed Catto Publishes Four Articles

Several in-depth articles from Ed Catto, an instructor in the Ithaca College School of Business, have been published this summer.  Catto, who teaches Entrepreneurship, is also a historian/expert on pop culture and graphics novels. 

His writings focus on the entrepreneurs behind intellectual properties, and the struggles, triumphs and lessons learned from their efforts.

“I love to analyze not only  the successes, but  the near-misses too,” said Catto. “Oftentimes it makes for more fascinating reading than the printed material.”

Four articles have been published this summer including:

  • War Is Hell (Back Issue # 127, June 2021, TwoMorrows) – exploring this mid 70s Marvel series and the creators who launched it.
  • Dick Tracy at 90  (The Overstreet Guide 2021, Gemstone )- examining Chester Gould’s famous creation and the creators who carried on the tradition after his retirement.
  • Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp (Back Issue # 128, July 2021, TwoMorrows) -focusing on the showrunners & creators behind this oddball concept.
  • The Filmation Hardy Boys (Back Issue # 129, August 2021, TwoMorrows) investigating an early 70s incarnation of this long running property.

Catto was recently interviewed by John Siuntres of Word Balloon to discuss his research. The interview is available on the Word Balloon YouTube channel  here.

Catto publishes during summer months

 Ed Catto published in Back Issue and Overstreet

Ed Catto's articles and research were recently published in TwoMorrow's Back Issue Magazine the the 2021 Overstreet Price Guide