Netpass password expiration changing to 365 days for everyone

By Seamus Enright, September 22, 2021

This Wednesday (9/22/21) IT will be making a change to the password expiration policy for all users. Passwords for all systems using centralized authentication will now expire after 365 days. 

Everyone will continue to receive password expiration notifications. Some people may have received those notifications a while ago, without their password ceasing to function if they did not change it when prompted. For those individuals, their password will now show as expired, and they will be required to change it on their next login.

There are some systems that still use (such as HCM and Homer) which will not automatically prompt you to change your password, and instead will fail to log in with a message saying "The password you entered was incorrect." If you run into this issue, try logging into to update your password.

You can also manually change your password by logging in to, clicking the gear icon in the top right, and then clicking “Change your password

image of Ithaca Collegexpired password window for microsoft azure authentication

When your password expires, if you are logging into anything that authenticates using Microsoft Authentication (as seen here) you will be prompted to update your password as part of the login process.